How to Use

For an 11-pound load, use one full sheet. For a 22-pound load, use two sheets. For a 5.5-pound load, use half a sheet.

It is important for laundry sheets to properly contact water. Front-loading washing machines typically let water in from bottom.  Place laundry sheet at the bottom of the machine. Then add your clothes.

Top-loading machines let water in from top, therefore it is best to load clothes in first, then place the laundry sheet on top.

Avoid over-loading the washing machine. If the machine is too full, there may not be enough space for the laundry sheet to come into full contact with the water.

Our laundry sheets are designed to dissolve easily in water within 30 seconds.

To remove hard-to clean spots, tear off a small piece of the laundry sheet and place it on the spot. Add water and rub the sheet into the fabric. Let it soak for a few minutes, then wash as usual.

Our laundry sheets perform excellently in hard water conditions, effectively cleaning your clothes.

To enhance washing effects and fabric softness in hard water, we recommend using Morning Rain’s Fabric Softener Sheets. These sheets are specially designed for softening clothes in hard water conditions.

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